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seedless grapes
Make a compromise buy chocolate covered raisin's
Yeah they won't let you drink chocolate milkor out side to smoke but they got no problems feeding you bacon every other day ! America just keeps losing freedom !
Arthur Fist
Man's. Breakfast Steps #1:Get1large plate #2: pinch up 3 / 4 Biscuits #3: pick up a couple of hash browns add to Biscuits #4: add Scrambled eggs or 2 fried eggs on top of other ingredients #5: pinch up 3 or 4 sausages add to pile #6: Cover every inch of ingredients with peppered or sausage Gravy #7: salt & pepper then Mix well "eat it before it gets cold !" Note: For European's don't use brown gravy on this dish .
Untitled Image
Wonder when a official trailer is gonna come out for this movie ?