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Be Like Bill
Biohazard, Machine Head, Slayer, all that heavy stuff--mainly when I'm running.
retro tv
For those who have Spectrum Cable Tribune company has removed local Fox Channels from any Spectrum cable customers. Tribune wants excessive fees that Spectrum isn't budging on. I hope Tribune loses so much of their customer base that they end up going under!! Greedy D!*(S
Grandma Finds The Internet
I looooveeeee your compliments!!!!!!
Be Like Bill
Everyone should admire Bill for being a great father and setting a great example for his children! LOL!! As it turns out, they ain't slackers!
Grandma Finds The Internet
But most times automated machines break down making repairs needed and waits longer! LOL!! Automated checkouts are the worst at this. I'm old fashioned everything when it comes to how customer service is done you might say.