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Riker eyeroll
I have never laughed this hard in my life, kid. You have disproven your own arguments so many times that I almost feel a pang of sympathy for you. I don't give language lessons for free. You want a "citation?" Shell out 450 RMB an hour for a few Chinese lessons (oh, and the textbook's your job to purchase, not mine). As for "admitting to not using the right definition of ethnocentrism," No. I admit you're not using the right definition. I'm using the direct and literal application of the root words themselves. Cheery-o, rodent, and thank you for providing hours of laughter.
Deanna Toi Star Trek
Actually I thought Marina Sirtis was Greek. I could be wrong though. In any case, "Occasional Cortex" has reached the point where even the Left is telling her to rein it in.
Riker eyeroll
The meme, which you laughably tried to rebut by proving (remember your "nuh-uh! Zhonghua doesn't mean 'Central Race,' it means 'China' " moment?) points this out by a character rolling his eyes at allegations of ethnocentrism coming from someone whose mother tongue has this ethnocentrism hardwired into it by naming the race who coined that language a name whose characters mean "Central Race." To one who lacks knowledge (yourself), knowledge appears as prejudice.
Riker eyeroll
Oh lord... you don't get it, do you? You are arguing with someone who speaks Chinese, about the meaning of a Chinese word, using translations you got from somewhere else (look at your phrasing: "in every source I checked, it means..." This is a statement that you used a translator). As for "not using the proper definition of ethnocentrism," I am using the literal etymological roots of the word ethnocentrism, moron. "ethno" is a prefix meaning "refering to race," and "centric" is a suffix meaning "about the middle," meaning that the word's most literal definition is "belief that your race is the central one." Finally, "assuming every member must think the same thing?" I am not talking about an individual Chinese citizen, as I've made plain multiple times. The Chinese word, that means "China," is the Chinese character for "central," and the Chinese character for "race." Ergo, it is the Chinese belief (not "this Chinese guy's belief or that Chinese guy's belief, but an assertion hardwired into the Chinese language itself) that the Chinese race is "central" and all others are outliers. This is not me being judgmental, this is me (viz a viz, one who speaks Mandarin) informing you (viz, one who does not) what is written right into a language you clearly do not speak. The one "judging" is you, with the assumption that I was speaking based on an individual, the mistaken assumption that I was proceeding from as ill-informed a position as yourself (such as needing to check a translator for the meaning of a Chinese word and then arguing about its meaning with someone who speaks Mandarin once you find something that tells you what it is). From there, you have devolved into "logical fallacy" semantics. Let me clear this up for you too. This stopped being a debate the moment it became clear you were arguing about the meaning of a Chinese word while having to get an outside source to tell you the meanings of Chinese words and phrases because you can't speak it yourself while simultaneously trying to high-handedly tout your "moral superiority" using allegations every one of which has been repeatedly shredded. From that point forward it was nothing more than me mocking you. The only problem is you can't even grasp the mockery. Ethnocentrism is, ergo, hardwired right into the Chinese language itself, as is visible in the use of the name "Central Race" for themselves, rendering allegations of ethnocentrism hypocritical and invalid.