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On the flip side: if you're a former Catholic, what's one thing that impelled you to leave? I would like to know. in ItsACatholicThing
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Yeah I guess it's gotten way out of hand then, I've always just tried to avoid it in response. No tree, no lights, no decorations, avoid stores, stay off the roads during crazy shopping season lol. Oh and don't turn the radio on or you'll hear the same song like 50 times in one day 😂
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Thanks! I'm sure I will lol
When I get my mad on in fun
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WOW THIS IS MY LIFE | image tagged in memes,well that escalated quickly | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Aaaaah yes! That makes much more sense! I was thinking to myself "couldn't you still hang shit on it???" Lol... ok thank you! Luckily this is in my utility room so I never plan on installing drywall or anything... which is probably why the guy said "well since this is in a utility room it probably doesn't matter".... everywhere else in the basement I *did* run it through the joists, but there were soooo many runs coming out of the panel I didn't want to drill tons of holes... or a few huge ones. Thanks again! This makes sense now finally!
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Hey I've got one for ya'... when I rewired my house I ran all the new romex stapled along the bottom of the floor joists (perpendicular to them) in the utility area of my basement... then I had an electrician tell me that I should have drilled through all the joists and ran them that way. His reasoning was that people "tend to use them to hang clothes hangers on"... is this really a thing??