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I have the biggest brain of all in fun
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DON'T BE A CUNT | image tagged in memes,roll safe think about it | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Before the days with multiple streams where any c**t can be a moderator. I used this tactic too but I think other users did not appreciate the"hack" Somehow, I think it diminished the humor of the memes because some members resented what they perceived as "cheating the system" Although the flip is pretty cool in some ways, It absolutely sucks in other ways. Limiting users to 2 posts per day is ridiculous, and the archaic structure for managing memes is so user unfriendly, it's almost not worth using the platform other than to create memes to use elsewhere. What do we expect for free? I think if the site owners offered better management of user creations and removed the restrictions from their foundational "fun" stream, they might actually attract people to pro membership. Additionally, streams that allow unlimited posts with unlimited moderators only invite abuse from those who are too immature to handle the responsibility. (Yes that happens!). I decided to just create my own stream and ditch the sick twisted example of community. I no longer give a f**k about an audience here. Of course its easy to criticize and harder to create a better platform, but this site could move from mediocre to excellent with just a few tweaks. Alas! Nobody cares.
TACO MEAT in fun
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yep. a race to the litter box.