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Just a fantasy nerd 🤓
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Untitled Image in cursedcomments
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Me while watching Thor
Untitled Image in MarvelFanatics
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Aim for the head, not the body thor. He has to pay for what he has done
Untitled Image in MarvelFanatics
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You can't imagine how much hope of mine you just destroyed.
Internal screaming in starwarsmemes
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Actually, that was off script. They had to finish the death star but it wasn't supposed to fall off his hands
Guess! in Oldest-Child-Stream
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I knew that I gave it away withy tags, it was actually a hint. If you ever see me with a nametag "Ididn'tcryinEndgame" or something like that, it will mean that I posted a meme like "where did I cry most, Endgame or Infinity War?the first to answer correctly i follow"