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I only want to expose the truth. I do not want to shame the OP who reposted it. It is your choice to upvote it or not.
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Potty Mouth
Before anyone asks for the original, about 3 days ago someone photoshopped Trump's face onto these mouth-like urinals, and then uploaded it to Imgur. It's weird enough that the urinals were mouths, but Trump's face was just added. At least I think that's where it originated.
A day without Sunshine.
Well, I never wanted to offend anybody, I was hoping that by creating this account I could create this guy that would give the occasional chuckle to whoever read it, or be useful to those who cry "REPOST" but get tons of hate, when I decided to make this account I had hoped to bring ease of mind to everyone. Is there any possible way that I could continue to make these posts? I could remove the image in my reports, I could simply paste the IRL and leave it, or I could promote the act of reposting that was committed on that page! If there's anything that I could do concerning me still making my reports, please tell me.
A day without Sunshine.
The reason this is an alternate account is primarily because I wanted my username to fit my work. If I had my original username I would feel incomplete about what I do. About my reputation on my primary account, I've already gotten way more hate on my original account than I've ever had on this one. This would pale in comparison to the things I've discussed on my first account. Thirdly about me whining about reposts, have you read the content within my reports? I always intended to not come off as if I was whining about the fact that this meme got front page but the former didn't, I had always intended to confront the fact that I was perfectly okay that this got front page and the other one went to downvote land, that's just the nature of these kinds of websites.
A day without Sunshine.
I mean, what is it that you hate about what I'm doing? I don't hate the OP, in fact, some reposts I enjoy seeing. Some posts simply ask for links to the older post and I deliver on it. What is it that makes you not like me so much?
The Rock driving Kermit up the wall...
For reference: I mean, you reposted your own meme, so I don't really know how to think about that.