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Encouragement in fun
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Seriously? I guess we never had slaves or indentured servants of serfdom or cheap immigrant labor (still do.) Denial and cognitive dissonance does not change facts or history. Also calling someone you disagree with a communist is weak and tired. Do some reading my dude. Stop watching fox news. And i am a proud American and business owner who just happens to know more about history than you. Happy reading friend.
Encouragement in fun
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Own my business homie.
Encouragement in fun
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Tell that to the American empire built on free labor and then very cheap labor. How many people around the world are working in American factories getting worked to death for a few dollars a day? Do they matter? Or are you only talking about Americans? I get what you ate trying to say, but it is not a true fact to America.
Untitled Image in fun
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EXCELLENT | image tagged in mr burns excellent | made w/ Imgflip meme maker