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Why am I submitting this in fun
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Baked it is ! x )
Grumpy Cat in fun
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The better everyone freedoms, including grammar Nazis ! ^^
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AS DIRTY AS THE TRUCK NOW IS YOUR CHICK | image tagged in memes,star wars yoda | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
There would be no services and life would be shorter for sure... but we would be more natural and alive to me. Am I Going Amish? in fun
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Then, there's this thing I never understood, when you start talking about freedom and the possibility to live differently, people are like "oh,so yo'ure going back to stone age?". F**k that ! The one thing I remark, and find deranging, is that there no "plan b", or any other alphabetical letter for what matters : we just have this one system, and practically this uniformistical capilisticky, globalisati-shy kinda ideology, and NOOOOO side along experimental ideologies, no "intelligent" design - if I were a politician, first thing I'd say is "look, people, you guys try to find peace and happiness ok, try to respect nature, make beautiful things, develop some culture with the lore of the land - make sure you learn from the land, that'll keep you busy and inspire you for your cultures, don't hesitate staying awake at night, or at least being friend with those who do, don't hesitate leading semi nomad lives, but always, always leave somethign beautiful behind...." And ofc, some people are gonna say "wtf, I just want to stay in town and buy stuff from the supermarket, I don't want to see the stars or feel the chill and thrill of life, I just wanna stay quiet and complain about politics" - so where's the problem? We should keep this civilisation as a something which happened and can sort of fall back too, with a bit more modesty, but as humans, I feel we should f**king space out. Gather your friends, and go to the ring of nature around your city, town or village, and make a green belt around it, start cultivating stuff, maybe walk out to the wild a bit, play some music... Learn about the ecology there, the plants, birds and trees, try to adopt some, discover some new uses for herbs... I feel that "smoke some pot" might be appropriate at this point, breathe in the night air, and let others come to you. Life isn't about buying shit, it's about what you can conceive, understand, or feel, and all of that comes from the brain. Learn about the universe once you're done with the plants and minerals. I don't feel like the people who build the first space ship should live indoors, i feel like they should know, and experience what it's like to have some fresh air and reality outside our every day comfort. Sleeping in hammocks high in the trees and so forth.Keeping from the rain without keeping far from it. Something tangible. Life outside the isolation and sensorial deprivation the urban routine,or even the countryside routine implies.Outside the conventions.Smthng Btfl.