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The 72 Names of God in repost
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Yes, just join the Facebook group where I archive @

All the best.
Global Reset Event in fun
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paradise on earth for all to thrive equally / utopia kick the can down the road with inequality, tyranny and hegemony / dystopia | image tagged in memes,two buttons | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Sad? This is wonderful!
Guardian Angel Imamiah in fun
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AYIN-BET (The 72 Names of God) ~Reflections #52
AYIN MEM MEM - #Imamiah - #Passion

Imamiah is the guardian angel for people born between December 8 and December 12. He has a feminine energy and represents the 15th and 20th degree of Sagittarius. In the angel hierarchy he is a Principality, he is part of the sefirah of Netsah, and his governing Archangel is Haniel. His planetary energies are Venus / Mars and he represents the element of Fire.
His name means: "God Who Is Higher Than All Things"
He symbolizes: Protection and Respect. He offers you respect and knowledge in relation to your enemies and brings protection to prisoners and travelers. The angel Imamiah's stone is Obsidian and his colors are Orange / Orange. Of the 7 chakras, he rules over: Svadhistana (The Sacral Chakra).
The guardian angel Imamiah will give you the power to recognize the things you have done wrong. Thanks to his influence you will learn how to redeem yourself while also managing and correcting your past mistakes.
In your life, this angel has the power to bring you enthusiasm, courage, energy, and emotional strength. All this will help you to confront any of the challenges that life throws at you.
Furthermore, this patron angel gives you the capacity to take care of others, and thanks to this ability, you will be able to comfort, assist, and support the people around you when they are going through times of difficulty. This is vital in allowing us to live in a more harmonious society.
He will also give you magnetism and leadership skills. He will bring you tolerance, modesty, and simplicity, as it is his desire that you are able to become a loyal servant.
Imamiah brings peace between you and your adversaries and has the power to free you from your inner demons.
Pray [with] the guardian angel Imamiah and he will help you if you have a tendency to refuse to recognize your mistakes or to put yourself, or others down. He will fix your behavior if you have a habit of judging others too harshly.
He will keep you from any kind of cruelty caused by ignorance of your mistakes. He will also keep you from acts of malice, defamation, and slander. He can balance your karma to help change your destiny for the better.
The angel Imamiah will protect you from impoliteness, lack of refinement, arguments, confrontations of all kinds, and animosity. He will protect you from rivalries, insults, vanity, and ma
Interdependence in politics
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Okay. You are seemingly unable to comprehend this meme, so, you commented "Uh. No." I get it.
Interdependence in politics
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Yeah, to what is it that are you saying "Uh. No"? I do not understand.