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trump kim in fun
0 ups, 4y
Thanks for showing the inability of tRump supporters to use their minds; very kind of you.
Donald Trump in fun
1 up, 6y
Sinnce when were the morons voting for #45 referred to as "Libtards"?
Donald Trump in fun
0 ups, 6y
Yes; I remember Nixon well, and this just never applied as well to anyone else before this.
Donald Trump in fun
0 ups, 6y
You can also tell the brain-dead who still support the crook; they claim all those in opposition to his fraud are liberals.
The Trump gang remedy would work! in fun
0 ups, 6y
Ah; you must be a Conservative, no clue what an allegory is! In other words trying to fix things the way the 45 crew is doing is as sensible as blowing your brains out to cure a headache.