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Jesus loves you...but burn in hell
I enjoyed your read; the fact that is was well-worded and intelligent. Quite honestly, I was expecting more of a trolling response since offense seems quite often to be the first response anymore. I hope you didn't feel I was judging you for feeling the way you do; it was just curiosity as it's certainly not how I would react which I'm not implying is right, just very different. I like to discuss different points of view with people who seem as open-minded as I am, or at least with people who can respect another's point of view. When I tell people how my life has been made better by a shift in thought, it is not at all an implication that I am better, but, if it does that for me, it can surely do that for others as well, and if I gave someone food for thought that gave them that shift, then I feel my existence on this earth is somewhat purposeful.
Rick and Carl Long
So, you're against the rich paying higher taxes....
Rick and Carl Long
So, being made to share is a bad thing? As long as a system of checks and balances is in place, it would even things up. If left voluntary, the only people sharing would be those who have little to give. The rich would always keep their riches, and the poor would stay poor.
Rick and Carl Long
Hehe. Bad wrap (sandwich).