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Untitled Image in fun
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If you really want to know: Dysthymia and I got double depression so I spent my summer in a clinic.
Btw. double depression is when you get MDD on top of your dysthymia.
Pain in fun
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Believe me I feel with you. For me it got so bad so quickly I forgot that I have friends that care. Spent 2 months in a clinic this summer. This may seem random but if you want to talk Ill listen.
Some Things Just Can't Be Explained by the THEORY of Gravity (Emphasis on THEORY) in fun
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Cant tell if idiot or troll. Anyway dont get theory and thesis confused. Also you are not necessarly looking in the right place. Id try the theory of general relativity in addition to gravity.
Pain in fun
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Get new friends and professional help. I hope you are not in the US tho.
Blank White Template in fun
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Geezus, its german and it doesnt matter as long as you know SI units. Thermodynamic temperature is K (kelvin).