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success once again. in fun
1 up, 2m
I saw this on youtube a couple days a go but its still funny.
Roll Safe Think About It in fun
1 up, 3m
Please stop stalking my posts. I don't know if your pea brain has processed this but im getting annoyed. So do me a favor will ya? Go back to your parents basement (and touch some grass on your way there) and sit down and think about your pathetic lifes decisions.
Holy music stops in fun
0 ups, 3m
Stop stalking my posts and replying to them. Go get a life. And good story about your 8k setup, but in what chapter do you shut the f**k up?
Roll Safe Think About It in fun
0 ups, 3m
You f**king idiot. Having an 8k setup isnt even f**king relevant to this. And I highly doubt you even have a 8k setup. Oh and by the way, the zoo called, your due back by 8.
Roll Safe Think About It in fun
1 up, 3m
Bro why are you bringing your "aMaZiNg" 8k setup. THATS NOT EVEN F**KING RELEVANT.