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context in the comments in fun
0 ups, 2w
I was in class, having a halloween kahoot, the question was "what did people originally carve on halloween?", I remembered hearing it was turnips and so I answered with that because it was one of the answers, no one else knew that so they all answered wrong, I ended up being the only one who got it right and so I ended up in first place, and the game ended with me being the victor :)
I just barely made it into the vent before they discovered the body in fun
0 ups, 3w
during the meeting they said "I saw the vent open but I didn't see the colour", I almost had a heart attack when it happened, it was a couple years ago btw
I'd like to see you try >:) in fun
0 ups, 1y
got a problem with pineapple pizza? >:(
what are you like? :) in fun
1 up, 1y
I feel you bro, i pretty much called out a lot of others