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Haha check that out in fun
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Views change every few minutes so you are fine
7:59 PM in fun
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Quack in fun
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Not to go all nerd on you but 37 million / 40k is <1000. This means iceu is less than 1000 specs of dirt. i recall that being way way way smaller than the sun. About (2.741524e+10)-2 more inches than that much dirt. Me right you wrong.
Quack in fun
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Because i am in a Christmas spirit, i wont deny this. He has worked very hard and i respect that. He seems like a really cool guy but i dont think you understand that there are some low effort memes. Of course he didn’t put no effort in all of his memes. Just how would the meme sound if i said “10% of iceu’s memes:” it doesn’t get a ting to it. Of course, imgflip is for laughs and im sorry i dont appreciate iceu as much as you do. Merry Christmas. -The spec of dirt
Quack in fun
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Woah woah woah. Im not saying im better than you. Just replicating a meme format that you have made several of times last year. and who would be the one to understand satire the most other than you? You are the “entire sun” as one said. You know jokes. Merry Christmas. Sorry if this hurt your feelings.