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Note: I aint a furry. This is just a debate in fun
0 ups, 3mo
The Song for this would be called the Resistance
L furry in fun
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As a rookie anti-furry, isnt death a furry
Furry buster suit up in fun
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You are comparing furries to the Hulk? Thats more of like a compliment than a insult.
Never in a million years in fun
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As a person who is starting to like minecraft better, Wouldnt that make youtubers like Flamingo and Kreekcraft manchilds to you since they play roblox, Also minecraft you make better avatars, You dont have to buy robux just to get one single outfit, So i can make myself look like a pvz character without paying robux.
The 4th one is probably gonna trigger anti-furries in fun
1 up, 3mo
For the last time, i am not turning into a furry