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Left Exit 12 Off Ramp
But gun control would not pass through Congress Obama tried that and even with a Democrat majority, it didn't pass through so it definitely would not pass now. not that I would want that though since I am a proud gun lover and gun control only helps prevent some shooting but mainly makes it harder for the law-abiding people to get guns not criminals that can get them through the dark web and the black market.
Left Exit 12 Off Ramp
I don't think more gun control would help stop shootings.
Kill Yourself Guy
You're implying that cars are fully or partly responsible when in a crash or when someone was killed on purpose with a car which is ridiculous since they are just inanimate objects like guns. I don't think hardly anyone says that people are killed by someone using a car usually people say that they died by a drunk driver or that they were run over. not that they died because of a car. And when people die in a car crash people don't say that we should make it harder to get access to cars we press no driving when drunk. people die BY guns, not guns killing people, guns can't just go on a mass shooting that is implying that they can shoot without an operator.
Kill Yourself Guy
That's exactly what they're saying, or implying.
Kill Yourself Guy
When people say that, they mean that guns are not the ones responsible for killing people it's the people that use them that are.