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Going Purple To End Alzheimers in fun
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My former mother in law has full-blown Alzheimers now. My great-aunt is 94 and has it in the worst way, but she remembers me as a kid! LOL I felt cheated when my grandmothers descended into dementia. They remembered me mostly, I think due to the fact that I was one of the first grandchildren born, and I was pen pals with both of them ever since childhood. Thank you for your comment. Only those who've gone through it with family members know how distressing all of it is!
Simba Shadowy Place in fun
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When your ex-wife's own mother kicks her daughter and grandchildren out of her own house with no warning, confiscates her vehicle, and sells her house from under them when they moved in after the ex-wife's grandfather died, she deserves to be evicted and is no longer a mother or grandmother in my book. That is just WRONG. Divorced people who have in-laws who go off the deep end and never come back, understand this the most. LOL