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early morning wake up call
AW!! She looks really well groomed — but somehow, your car interior really stands out in this photo, LMAO. How is it so CLEAN? Nubie (Anubis) spends three seconds on a car seat and it becomes a hair and dust.
early morning wake up call
Always wanted one. I told people if I ever bought a dog larger than the toy breeds I’m used to, it would be a Siberian husky, a border collie, or a ... nope, never mind. That’s it. XD
early morning wake up call
My dog will deliberately leave a room with occupants in it, disappear into a room where no one is, and just bark for about two minutes straight, LOL. My dog doesn’t have specified earring times; he kind of snacks all day, but when you have cooked food sitting on the counter and don’t invite him to join you, he’ll crouch down and repeatedly heasbutt your legs while you’re eating LOL