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PrinceVince64 (247200)
Joined 2020-04-03
Hai! I'm an Italian/Chilean who loves to draw and listen to music. Have a great day :D
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Yep in OCs
0 ups, 1y
K ty :)
So far, it's fine. How are you guys doing? in MS_memer_group
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Omg sameee :DD
Can't believe its the last year before college lmao its crazyy
Yep in OCs
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Oh lmao sorry
I kinda accidentally forgot a few redraws bc I pretty much left this site and have been busy irl
Thanks for reminding me, can you resend the character so I can draw him? Ty :)
Yep in OCs
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made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Her :)
She likes cake in OCs
1 up, 1y
Adorableeeee <3