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another example of how screwed up our priorities are in America in politics
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FINALLY! | image tagged in we have come to it at last | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Thank you! I'm glad someone else realized this!

I don't even care that pride month is a whole month, I just can't believe veterans and current military members only get one day of recognition!
Futurama Fry in politics
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What about the case solid, may I ask?
Futurama Fry in politics
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Well, when you're done crying into yours because you're still crying over Trump being acquitted, then maybe I'll consider doing that. (Though I probably won't because I'm not some pussy that's afraid of things not going my way)

BTW: thank you for finally bringing up a point I agree with. You're right, Trump's lawyers during this trial were awful. Even though I agreed with everything they were saying, it still hurt to listen to them speak.
Futurama Fry in politics
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You missed my point, didn't you?

Forget about the legitimacy for one second. If you want to disagree with me about whether the trial was permissible, that's fine.

But it still doesn't change the fact that the impeachment managers were caught lying. And no one is talking about that. Their "evidence" consisted of nothing but tweets, op-eds, and edited videos missing minutes of important context.

Even if the trial was legit, the so-called "proof" was not.

BTW: this isn't a "legal assessment", it's basic observation. Any fool could've seen what dems were bringing forward and know that it wouldn't have been enough.
Futurama Fry in politics
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Regardless of whether it's an impeachment or not, it's all a sham anyway.

Dems falsified evidence. This was never about justice. This was never about unifying the country by making something "right". This is them trying to look for their "I was right" moment at the taxpayer's expense.

So you can keep arguing that this trial was legitimate all you want, but every one of those demorats and rinos in the house and senate lied to us. It's about time THEY start being held accountable for it.