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Me for President 2020. Build the Upvote Beggar Wall. Pass the Trolling Act. Make The Flip Great Again!
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Futurama Fry in politicsTOO
4 ups, 4y
Because all the money goes to me and other politicians, not to actual healthcare. Jeez, that would be ridiculous if we actually did anything constructive with healthcare money.
Tony stark grey area spiderman in politics
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everything good is my doing | image tagged in memes,trump bill signing | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
No no, everything good is my doing.
Trump Bill Signing in politicsTOO
2 ups, 4y
Yeah I remember signing that
Socialism in politicsTOO
5 ups, 4y
This isn't socialism, it's only socialism if I say it's socialism.