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Dr Evil Laser in politics
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Vaccines efficacy works at various levels depending on how the body naturally responds or because of external factors. In Powell's case, he was probably affected by cancer medications. How long the vaccine will provide protection will also differ among individuals. Just because you find one case where a vaccinated person isn't protected against the virus is not proof the vaccine isn't effective. Just as if a plane fails to fly isn't proof airplanes don't work. Sorry big guy, YES THE SAME!
People powerless to protect themselves from criminals in politics
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Thanks again for spelling out the obvious. The only problem with logic presented here is the assumption that no one did anything out of fear. They weren’t afraid to film the event so why were they then afraid to call the police. Would it have been better if they had a gun? They didn’t even use the tool at hand. Doesn’t sound like the best people to be wielding guns in my opinion.
Dr Evil Laser in politics
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Whatever you say
People powerless to protect themselves from criminals in politics
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BEING BRAVE WHEN YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOOSE IS EASY | image tagged in captain obvious | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Um, thanks for the comment. What point are you trying to make? Are you aware of the story? Passengers filmed the attack but didn't call 911.
Donal Trump Birthday in politics
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“Panic buying and hoarding” is not a man made crisis?