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This is what Trump Supporters want. in politicsTOO
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However, even if there were LGBTQ people, they certainly weren't treated as equals.
This is what Trump Supporters want. in politicsTOO
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Your LGBTQ argument makes sense, I'll agree to that.

The first documented abortion happened in 16th century Egypt, which is normally considered to be in the Age of Exploration, not the dark ages.

You absolutely can have minority rights, when the group in question is literally the minority! You even said it yourself!

Plus, I never said vaccines were suppressed, I said there were none of them.
You May Be Entitled to Significant Compensation! in politics
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Sure, Covid is survived by most people. Still, a vaccine is much less dangerous, and its benefits outweigh its flaws.
Science? in politics
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Uhh, no.... Covid-19 gives you antibodies that definitely don't protect you forever. There have been many reports of people who have severely caught Covid, twice.
Beautiful. in politicsTOO
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Ok, good to know.