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While you wish upon a star, look over there while I steal yo car.
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Excellent Music in fun
3 ups, 8y
When I listen to MCR, so do my neighbors.
Organize your cats today! in fun
2 ups, 8y
I need one of these...
Unpopular Opinion Puffin in fun
0 ups, 8y
do I even need to said anything.
apparently yes *sigh*
black people are oppressed for being black
Steve Harvey in fun
0 ups, 8y
Why are people so mad at him for this? You all won't let him live this down. He's a human, he makes mistakes just like you do. Just because he's a celebrity doesn't mean he's never going to mess up.
Unpopular Opinion Puffin in fun
1 up, 8y
All lives do matter. But all black lives matter exists not to say that white people don't matter, it's because they're killed because of racism. When people say all black lives matter, there are not saying other peoples' lives don't matter. It's to combat racism and oppression and to try to put an end to unfair discrimination. White people are not oppressed for being white, but black people are.