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PlagueBoi93 (30187)
Joined 2020-03-06
Hello, I joined ImgFlip to make memes just like you, I have a friend called Chez_Boi 2ho also makes memes.
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Donald Trump in fun
0 ups, 4m
NPC Meme in fun
0 ups, 4m
Hmm... you called someone who has friends of multiple races, a racist. Lmfao
Justice for Ukraine, upvote if you support them in fun
1 up, 5m
I wonder who has more military power hmm... I bet it's whatever country is the largest in the world
Spongebob strong in fun
0 ups, 6m
Z in Italian is "dz" or "ts"
Z in Spanish (European Dialect) is like th in think
Untitled Image in fun
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For anyone confused, I meant Machine Guns but got confused