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Harrison Bukter Shares his personal beliefs on core family values and receives backlash while others get a pass. in politics
0 ups, 3w
Which one of these men was fired and bombarded with attacks from the media for days on end for the crime of kneeling?
Conservatives like Charlie Kirk are just itching at the opportunity to say the N word. in politics
1 up, 5mo
You are playing coy because you have no other course of action. Prager has you dead to rights.
Imagine if she were still alive for you to look her in the eye and call her a terrorist. in politics
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I’m not a math genius, but the 40 children **rumored** to be murdered is significantly less than the thousands of children and families we have actual footage of. At a certain point vengeance is no longer an excuse. Not to say it ever was in this case.
The kind of safe space we should actually be against. in politics
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I disagree, the Israeli government has become quite efficient at it.