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Lawyer Corgi Dog in imgflip
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How the hell would that work? They would need to make some kind of AI that is able to detect different things in a gif and then the sticker would only be able to follow that. It’s not like it can do pixel following because gifs aren’t actually moving things, just multiple frames really fast. The entire logic behind this suggestion makes no sense.
SUSSY in fun
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It’s a popular joke. I’ve seen it before, and it wasn’t from your meme that you may or may have not made. I doubt you even thought of it, you just saw it somewhere and decided to make a meme with it. ALSO, I doubt this user even saw your meme either. How could they have copied you? Stop being petty and paranoid.
Sad that I pretty much joined when he was already preparing to leave in fun
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The number 1 on most popular imgflip users, according to having been here since 2020
(kyrian247 note: lgbtq+ moment (get it cuz they're pedophiles)) in MS_memer_group
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Yep, maybe a little older than that, but around the age of those little kids in that picture.
. in fun
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Me rn