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DeSantis keepin' his cool in politics
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That's not going to happen. I suspect Trump is doing this to drag DeSantis into what is effectively a political mud pit in which everyone gets messy and beaten up. Trump, of course, is the reigning mud pit champ and everyone has already seen him dirty. People haven't seen DeSantis dirty, however, so bringing him into this pit would cause him more harm than Trump.
DeSantis keepin' his cool in politics
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I think we will all be lining up to side with Trump if he becomes the nominee in 2024. However, what we're seeing now with him going after DeSantis is the lame side of Trump that simply makes no sense for the good of the GOP or the country.
You already see talking heads blaming "misinformation" for lack of votes in politics
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You're right, and it looks like they've already started doing it. Keisha Lance Bottoms already claimed that they misinformation was being directed at black people. Democrats are so deluded that they can't imagine why voters might not like them, so they use all sorts of excuses to explain this.
First time? in politics
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If anyone is wondering about the story here, look up the Rolling Stone article on ABC producer James Gordon Meek.
Untitled Image in politics
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Huh? Robert Stack was also host of Unsolved Mysteries.