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If Shattering is the game to play, then we shall play to win
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Untitled Image in Undertale
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WELL... THAT ESCALATED QUICKLY | image tagged in memes,well that escalated quickly | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Buff duolingo in fun
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SOMEONE USED MY TEMPLATE! | image tagged in spiderman detector | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
I know it's been a full year, I just haven't checked the template in so long
[REDACTED] in fun
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No wonder, Gaster is probably the biggest mystery Toby's created, the likelihood that he'd just reveal Gaster's canon appearance is not likely, but hey, I could be completely wrong.
Chara bouta destroy the multiverse with that much power in Undertale
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I mean, seeing as how Chara and Frisk's LV is shared, Chara would be at LV 20 when they destroy the world, and seeing as how monsters were still alive, that would gain EXP, and therefore, they'd level up, so yeah, that does make sense.