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I Want to Know in fun
0 ups, 6h
But which Spiderman? 😅 thx
I Want to Know in fun
0 ups, 8h
Spiderman vs Spidey... I dunno 🤣 thanks
The Meme Mural in fun
1 up, 1w
I just said, "you can't put in every meme." I mean that there isn't nearly every popular meme like posters keep saying.

Also think there's so much controversy around Pepe, there's no avoiding that tie-in any longer. Meme mural IS unbelievably well pieced together, must have taken days.
The Meme Mural in fun
1 up, 1w
Oh my gosh you're right about Spiderman Mirror! Thanks. Took me forever to find it, it's kind of hiding in plain sight.

Still don't see any of the other ones. Boardroom Meeting Suggestion - that's another. You can't put in every meme, but the collage is missing a lot. And a meme mural without Batman, that makes no sense to me 🤣

I could forget most of that, but the Pepe memes are bad taste. They didn't start out that way, but that's what they've been for a long time imo. Peace.
The Meme Mural in fun
1 up, 1w
A guy in a baggy Spidey suit. Not the same thing.

Also not here: Change My Mind, Say That Again I Dare You, American Chopper Argument, That Would Be Great, It's the Same Picture, Too Damn High, It's Not Going to Happen, Epic Handshake, See Nobody Cares, Back in My Day, Triggered Liberal, tons of others.