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lol in fun
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Er um the exact same meme with minor variation from a different username five days previous
real life click bait in a nutshell in fun
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I've heard people say they saw Jesus on their TV. A few of them say, it wasn't in a movie 🤣

So I guess the Rapture is televised but skating on broadcasting fees
R.I.P. logic in fun
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Yep, some of us remember a nationwide chain store slogan that was used everywhere and for what seemed like forever. I don't know when or even if the 99 Cents Only Store discontinued it - I stopped shopping at my local one, after it got way too crowded from Opening to Close, and was stocking even crappier stuff than usual. Wasn't keeping track, but pretty sure the slogan was around in the mid-2000s.

The 99 Cents Only Store

-where everything was 99 cents
-open 9am - 9pm
-open 9 days a week... cute ad tag, eh?
Please help give me karma for free. in fun
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In ancient times it was approximated... like apple pi before scientists could make pie
Please help give me karma for free. in fun
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Determine Sun's apparent zenith. No shadow on the sundial marks noon and you correct by longitude. Done.