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Penz (125610)
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(They/Them) Hey! I'm Penz, and I haven't been on here in forever. I love axolotls :) ( )
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What is it we're supposed to do with this information? in politics
0 ups, 10mo
lol I go by they/them and i wish nobody cared XD
TheGoofiestGoober Announcement Template V1 in MS_memer_group
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i wanna see where is it
3 ups, 2y
Yeah I know, I heard on yt as well, it’s really messed up(probably tagswag I like his channel)
So I found this in r/facepalm, not sure if it’s old or anything, but this is why people don’t like Twitter. It’s not meant to be in LGBTQ
1 up, 2y
Me and my boyfriend are a straight couple why is it good we get homicided 🥲