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idiot cop
Haha it's both we have some f**ked off laws and if not bad enough we have f**ked up cops all cops are f**ked up cuz you never see a cop turn a cop in cops are only caught by hidden cameras and recordings... I am doing something about it I would the lady who was murdered by cops and told her what really happened and am pressing her to seek an investigation (a real one). I am on every social media platform raising awareness about our crooked justice system .. I donate to tons of groups dedicated to our rights against police brutality even been working with blm we have been communicating by email (I'm trying to make it more white friendly so we all stand together. Most of all I share stories of know cover ups by cops and point out the everyday crooked shit they do. I've started a few partions and I have a shit ton of followers who pass along my findings... You talk shit about social media but that's the best place to raise awareness... Like we can do anything else like arm up and arrest those crooked cops.... We can just keep the videos rolling and hope we can catch them in the act and shoot others in self defense... Cops act like they are in "war" fighting hard crime kicking in peoples doors over stupid f**king shit. Wonder how tuff they would really be if it was a real war and the people who's doors get kicked started kicking doors.... Don't think those cowboy cops would be so tuff then
idiot cop
U like how we had to read a full book of circles to get here? That also goes with my statement about being shady crooked f**ks who can't come right out and say and do the right thing they must have song and dance like this. Make loopholes for them for being worthless pieces of shit. I'm glad they are filing suit against them in Austin over thier "dead suspects loophole" keeping information how cops murder suspects in jail. Won't fix the crooked system seen the cocksucking ranked prison officer who was planting screwdrivers in inmates bunks so he could file more classes against them only got a slap on the wrist.. they are all trash every single one of them... It's time to gather and burn all the trash... Worthless f**ks spend trillions on a drug war but claim they don't have the funds to process a **pe kit... Yeah that's the side I want to be on
Racial divide
Everyone those worthless Marxist f**ks...
Haha if u look the word racist up it doesn't even mean what liberals use it for . They have that definition so f**ked up... Hell they group nationalists all the way to Republicans as racist smh
idiot cop
But that doesn't change the fact a cop can't speed in a car withoit visible lights and audio unless responding to a call and lights and sound would cause traffic problems or he is chasing after someone who is thought to had or about to commit a felony...