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Rip RBG in politics
1 up, 9m
American Hero, Hero for Womans rights. Only a true scumbag could hate her she was amazing
Night Shift in fun
0 ups, 6y
heh no kidding Ive worked nights for almost 20 years...get told told call me in the middle of the night by boss but he comes in and calls me for every little thing all day
Y U No in fun
0 ups, 6y
Im actually aware of what a blue moon is but there are some people who arent and I just thought it was amusing when people asked so I made this
And everybody loses their minds in fun
1 up, 6y
we raised pet rats for 25 years I understand the struggle :)
What Smoke Detectors Warn You About in fun
4 ups, 6y
Its funny cuz its true