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Bruh moment + skill issue in fun
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BOI WTF | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
bro your wrong sure they can be annoying but boi they just born don't expect shit if they just like 4 years old and Evan if they like 11 bro its common at that time for bullying and attention seeking you've probably done the same thing as well don't act like you were not a kid once like you would've gone for the excuse as well give it a break your the delinquent like bitch are you dumb do you expect someone to be the smartest kid in the world second they born you expect that some kid doesn't want attention that is hella common for people to want attention you think some 5 year old will know how to be safe in a construction sight besides you were also a kid at once and probably are one right now and besides video games are meant for kids in the first place so Evan if they waist their time on it its common don't act like you aren't addicted to video games or Evan any internet sight name ONE valid reason on how a kid would be fine working for a job like bruh accept the fact that their not complete shit they can be annoying at times everyone can be annoying and its their choice what they want to do in life as-long as its appropriate like boi what tf you want from them give them a break they dont know much so stfu and give them kids a break YOUR THE DELINQUENTS like boi boo hoo monky tf you thinking you think you Adolf Hitler thinking they above everyone else cause with that thinking u definitely not on top you were a kid to at times like boi tf u thinking?
amazing man in fun
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im sorry i dont think 7 year old nerds will ever stop saying "who asked" this bill isnt real
Everybody probably knows this in fun
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image tagged in infinite iq mario | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
infinite iq