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USA and NATO in politics
0 ups, 1y
lol......some uh "Sheeple" failed history and watch Cable Fake News.
what happened when the usa getting involved in Vietnam?....oh yeah,...a false flag.
What happened in Belgium? was NATO involved there?...."Augusta Dassault Case".
The "White Helmets"....Spy Scandals....etc..etc.
Dogs and Pedophiles in politics
3 ups, 1y
call them what you will. they'll still end up in the same place.
dumb it down all you want.
The Masks Are Working in politics
0 ups, 2y
made w/ Imgflip meme maker
does your doctors office fire people for not wearing a mask?
does your doctors office require a vaccine?
does your office know what's in the vaccine?.
that's funny....i also see one for fetal alcohol syndrome...yet
that's funny...i also see one for drinking a driving....yet.
that's funny...i also see a sign for smoking and how it causes cancer...yet.
nice try.......NEXT!!!!
People of Rational Decisions in politics
1 up, 2y
made w/ Imgflip meme maker
keep yapping
Honoring the man who discovered America. in politics
0 ups, 2y
lol...that schmuck was lost