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just a little something to brighten your day in fun
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Well you ruined my day by letting me see 1 less meme today. Meme > pig
Nostalgia hit hard in fun
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Calling all Umi's Team Umizoomi One Two Three Four Umi Zoomi Umi Umizumi Umizumi In the world that's not so far away Umi City You can count us to save the day Umizoomi Umizumi We Can better build it together You can help us because you are so clever We got mighty math power You can call us at any hour Badah Badah Badah We are a Tiny Team Badah Badah Badah We go behind the scenes Badah Badah Badah There's nothing we can't do Mili, Geo, Bot, and you!
It's showtime in fun
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Did anyone ask for your opinion about the incredibles
Untitled Image in fun
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I saw this from the corner of my eye and only the face and for a sec i thought i was being rickrolled for some reson
True in fun
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