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Untitled Image in fun
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Thank you, one guy who stalks me on imgflip Nd upvotes all my memes.
Good Fellas Hilarious in politics
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Loving your enemies is a very perverse thing in itself.
If You Ever Wanted to Chill with Your Dog in the Movie Theater, Now You Know in fun
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I would argue that real service dogs are hurt by virtue of being subject to slavery, but whatever.
Silly relativists. Condemnation is for objectivists! in fun
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Also, Einstein didn't create the bomb. He wrote a letter of recommendation. He was asked about one problem with gaseous diffusion of fissionable materials. That was all. Your lacking of the most rudimentary research shows how full of shyte you are, which is why I'm going to stop wasting time on this conversation and get back to making money.
Silly relativists. Condemnation is for objectivists! in fun
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The contradiction is that you are trying to apply moral worth to inanimate objects while attempting to confuse me with science (of which you probably understand less than you let on), whose realm is entirely separate from what constitutes moral behavior. Nonetheless, you try to conflate them.

We are made of matter, no different than the rock. Our bodies are subject to the same laws, which means we are of the same moral worth of the rock according to your logic, EXCEPT that we have abilities that it lacks.

That means that, in accordance with your own logic, you would have to either concede that free will does not exist and we are thus- at the very least- morally equal (not inferior) to the rock, or that we are capable of moral choice, which is a potentially positive quality the rock lacks.

The sum of your assertions is essentially nihilistic. You're arguing that- because it is inanimate- a rock has greater moral worth. That is tantamount to saying death makes a person morally superior to when they are alive, which can be extrapolated to mean that the goal of a moral life is to cause as much death as possible.

And if you believe that, then please, by all means you can join ISIS, and I will join the US Army on the same effing day. We'll see who wins out with that one.