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No ones opinion is fact
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How convenient. Go cry me a river.
Sorry liberals are oppressing your opinion and feels
How convenient. Go cry me a river.
You mean the **pe victim that came forward to make this claim on her own free will? How is looking into her claim at her request using her agian? Don't be mad the republicans did the same exact thing with zero justification because it hurts your feels to see it done to republicans. You all are whiney when someone uses your own tactics lol
How convenient. Go cry me a river.
I didn't use anyone as a source but just stated facts that destroy your meme logic LMFAO So you admit front page meme don't matter right? Then why do you use your claim to front page memes as your source? Lol your cute lol Hahahahahahahahahahah you proved your own logic is bullshit hahahahahahhahaha but you brought up front page meme ! Hahahahahahahhaha and destroyed yourself hahahahahahah
How convenient. Go cry me a river.
Under that logic Raydog has the most front page memes and he says trump Is a crook . So trumps a criminal under your front page meme logic LMFAO your retarded boy
How convenient. Go cry me a river.
LIAR, you have ZERO memes on the front page ! Hahahahahahaha you lie about everything hahahahahaha NO FRONT PAGE MEMES , LIAR!