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Fishing really sucks sometimes.
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Reporter makes amazing half court shot in fun
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I actually go to this school, it was a report on a prank on a teacher. All 2,000 students, during an assembly, were going to prank the Girls Varsity Basketball coach and say he made a blindfolded backwards half-court shot, and then he actually made it. Then this guy made it.
ah yes, Outtagascar in fun
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The Rock Driving in fun
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They didn't storm the white house, they stormed the capitol. Plus, it was discovered that there were several BLM and ANTIFA rioters who got everybody wound up to storm the capitol.
They're The Same Picture in fun
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True lol. Let's see what else Biden has to say in his new gibberish language. Time for Biden to tell us COVID was Trump's fault even though Trump tried to d what he could to prevent it by imposing travel bans while Biden called it "xenophobic" and "fear-mongering."
failed hope in humanity in fun
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Yeah I know, it was like this meme, I had no idea it was already out there. I think it was the same with the guy who created this one.