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Have votes, will share. in fun
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I just ignore them, as with misspelled memes.
DNA red and blue in fun
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The FBI has struck up a partnership with one of the largest at-home DNA testing services, according to BuzzFeed News. Apparently, Family Tree DNA has allowed the agency to access its genealogy database containing the DNA profiles of over a million users. Law enforcement has been using the public's increasing fascination with DNA testing as a tool to crack cases for quite a while now. But this is reportedly the first time a private firm has willingly given authorities access to its repository.
Shocking Springs in fun
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+5 for Kalifornistan
Some of our potholes are so big, they have a separate zip code
Matrix Morpheus in fun
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There is no talent left in Hollyweird, just new special effects.
Think about this... in fun
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you can Gum Tofu just fine, don't even need teeth