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Fetter Ohhhhh Mannnnn in politics
3 ups, 1w
it's like dressing a makes it easier to clean up after he shits himself
There's got to be some around somewhere. Leftist's can't ALWAYS be wrong . . . can they? in Real_Politics
1 up, 5mo
just look at all of that "white privilege" they're enjoying >sarcasm<
Gone like the speed of light. in Real_Politics
2 ups, 6mo
SHEESH!'s almost like they LIKE child porn or something...go figure
GEORGIA! in fun
0 ups, 6mo
HA...sorry to say, that it actually took me a minute to get it
Shocker! What next? in conservatives
5 ups, 9mo
then why are d**dos/vibrators etc. all p**is shaped ?