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I support LGBTQ+ rights. If you have a problem with that, fuck off.
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Inclusion in politics
0 ups, 3mo
LGBTQ included?
It does no good to trash one woke brand and replace it with another. in politics
1 up, 9mo
Whatever it takes for you to overcome alcoholism😊😊😊
Controling The Naravitve in politics
0 ups, 9mo
Like you guys wouldn't do the same thing...
Inclusion in politics
1 up, 9mo
You guys already have 11 months, millions of bars, a flag for your country that has existed for far longer than gays have had rights, hundreds of TV stations, and widespread acceptance that didn't force you to start parades centered around heterosexuality.

Let them have this.
You vill eat ze bugz in politics
0 ups, 9mo
I don't think anybody is forcing you guys to eat bugs...