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Windy Day In Space? What happened to conservation of momentum, Newton’s third law
Isn’t editing wonderful? You can add additional clarity about thoughts or talking points by simply editing...ahhhh. If the craft is accelerating, it will be moving at the same speed as the shells at the time of their separation. There is supposedly NOTHING slowing them down, thus maintaining Netwon’s third law of the conservation of momentum. The craft’s velocity only slightly increased its speed from 10,100km/h to 10,200km/h as the shells blasted off. The shells, moving some 10,100km/h SHOULD appear in at least ONE of the mounted cameras as they break away from the fuselage, either front facing, side facing, rear facing or cockpit should have captured #VisualEvidence of such. #KeepFailing #StarmanHoax #FakeSpace #WindyDayInSpace #FlatEarth
Ballearthers Be Like: My Reality Check Just Bounced
Not with hundreds of minimal distortion footages HD cameras mounted to hot air balloons...with GPS tracking...available for your perusal on YouTube...all show a Flat, Stationary, Level horizon. We do not live on a spinning sphere: As far as low earth orbit is concerned: no human has exceeded any altitude above LEO. And your spherfy nonsense seems to forget that the biblical texts also match the Ethiopian, Egyptian, Hebrew, Mayan, Japanese, Chinese, Norse, Navajo, Hindu, Hopi, Islamic, Celtic, Mesa, Australian Aboriginal, Greek, Babylonian, Chumash, Persian, Sumerian, Slavic and Viking historically recorded descriptions of our reality (#FlatEarth) Is your petty spherfderpery trying to warp the Flat Earth reality backwards to fit NASA’s Newtonian texts, is that the problem here?
Windy Day In Space? What happened to conservation of momentum, Newton’s third law
1. All I asked for was #VisualEvidence that what you claimed happened in “REALITY” actually DID occur...(you failed) 2. Please link or quote my claim of “the impossible effect” 3. Explanations don’t define reality, they describe it...but keep trying pal. 4. You haven’t presented ANY visual evidence to the contrary to back up your claim that what occurred and what was observed was indeed and in fact conservation of momentum 5. ????YOU???? didn’t get it Not surprised that you have ZERO evidence to the contrary???? #KeepFailing
Windy Day In Space? What happened to conservation of momentum, Newton’s third law
And your bevy of evidence that the predictable laws of physics were observed? Show us the fairing doors blasted away (as you claim they did) with the #videoevidence from ANY of the following camera angles: 1. The Side Shot Camera 2. The Hood Shot Camera 3. The Nozzle Shot Camera 4. The Driver’s Seat Camera 5. The “Over The Shoulder” Camera mounted onto #StarMan or 6. The Second Stage Camera. Surely at least ONE of those was able to preserve, in digital video format, the “proof” of #ConservationOfMomentum you claim happens. #IWillWait #GoodLuckWithThat????
That Awkward Moment When You Realize Flat Earth Physics And Math Explain Observed Reality
What does the price of carrots in Delhi have to do with #FlatEarth? You’re comparing scientific, physical evidence with an ancient Ethiopic text (excerpts of which BTW validates our observed reality. Research #MetshafeHenok) #StellarParallax #OlbersParadox and the non-wobbly, non-spinning location of #Polaris with respect to our #CelestialEquator all prove we are not moving on a #Merucentric plane at the center of the known universe. #SpherfDerperism #Spherf #SpherfDerper