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[image deleted]Women in Mozambique (a place entirely made up of blacks) are getting their clitorises cut off daily, and no one in America cares... A cop acts like a douchbag and we have riots and deployment of the National Gaurd.. Lets have a little consistency..
If you want to be a crusader and help people, go volunteer at a soup kitchen.. Tomorrow when we wake up, that cop will still be a terrible human, that guy will still be dead, but the downtrodden will still be hungry..It is so easy to jump on a bandwagon and suddenly "stand for a cause" without leaving the comfort of your home..
It takes actual effort to stand for something consistently... Think globally, act locally..
I'm a white male who does hair for a living, and this weekend I'm going to my local Boys and Girls club to give free haircut to the kids (mainly Hispanic and black) because I want to offer my services to people in need...
What have you done to help your community today?