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mostly noobs think free robux is ture, which is yes in fun
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It is possible to get free Robux. It takes buying Robolx gift cards with Microsoft Rewards points.
Liechtenstein in fun
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Antisemitic spam on a meme about Liechtenstein.
My Pokémon Meme Review Submission. in fun
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It didn’t make it in
:D in Christian-clean-meme
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‘that was an incorrect translation. it should have said "man shall not lay with young boy"’ That is objectively false.
in bible study we were talking about how jesus was born in april so I made this in Christian-clean-meme
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There’s no evidence of any pagan celebration on December 25 prior to the Philocalian calendar of 354 AD. Christians had already been celebrating Christmas on that date for at least 40 years by this point