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I use after effects but there are free packages to practice in, Gimp, Synfig, Blender, Inkscape. Find your creativity
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If you want to use numbers that's fine but over here in the UK they have been indexing - It's a great way of making shit events look smaller. Always pic the stats you want to make your point or the point you want to make. One thing the original outbreak did was to die in sunshine - very handy as no vaccine was to hand. Another thing that happened the normal death rate baseline for seasonal almost ceased to exist due to lockdown. So the numbers ceased to be accumulative. The Delta variant mutated from a hot climate and doesn't seem to be bothered. Now we have the Beta variant (is it near the USA ?). Apparently that doesn't care if it's sunny or if you're vaccinated. As for fear - yeah it's a great tool for government - so yeah they will use it but we have the internet and the ability to share what we know - too bad governments want it control and pour fake news on it.
It did start in China but blaming China I struggle with because that's the same fear psychology.
When movies need baddies they pick from your fears. hah bloody timezones lol i'm tired
Quarantines work a lot better in films - Army turns up and puts up barriers and a crowd forms "we have rights". until they get wound up and some run to the barrier - couple get shot and the rest go - " Ok! I'll go home". far. in politics
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If you can't beat them