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Change My Mind in fun
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Depending on what versions you consider, Spiderman, and Dr Strange also know they are a comic. Spiderman went as far as meeting Stan Lee. So it's possible they also know.
Or did I catch them asleep on the job........ in fun
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WHEN THE GRAMMAR POLICE ARE SO BOARD, THAT THEY LOOK FOR MISTAKES IN MEMES THAT ARE 3 YRS OLD. | image tagged in katt williams wtf meme | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Jokes on you, since this was used to make fun of another meme.
But how in fun
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Almost all memes now are repost in some way. Now if you want to be part of the repost Police, i suggest u post the link to the one you are referring too. I would also compare the dates posted before calling someone out. Chances are that its an accidental repost, if they were months or years apart. No one is going to search years of memes to see if it has been done...
not saying i like gokudrip or anything but there is a chance this is true. (don't hate on this meme plz) in fun
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NOW WHO WOULD DO SUCH A THING? | image tagged in bad luck beckett | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Usually Face reveals would get plenty of up votes and front page back then. Its also an unspoken etiquette to up vote a face reveal. You also have people like Beckett347 who embrace their inner meme and just become popular by having fun with it. I got nothing against gokudrip, but with the way he worded his meme, i can see why it seemed more of an up vote grab than a face reveal. Either way it worked, since he is being used as templet, along with others that he is making of himself. In the end its all about the good times.