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Gru's Plan in fun
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This has happened many times to me
hmmm part 4 in fun
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[image deleted] yea i made this a month ago and it got to the front page... idk how lol
wait isn't that cannibalism in fun
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lol why didnt you do everyone else at the campfire
Who would win? in fun
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doom guy is faster, but master chief has better training and arguably better armor. If its in a long range shooting match, master chief might win, but if its up close, doom guy destroys him. Then again since master chief has really good reflexes, he might be able to react to doom guys speed but I doubt it because we see doom guy in the games melee kill demons 4 times his size, so I don't think master chief stands a chance there.

to summarize master chief probably wins in a long range gunfight but in a melee match doom guy wins.